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WordPress? A Brief intro

WordPress is the open source software powers about 30% of websites on the internet.

This number is a conservative estimate of the number of people who actually trust and use this open source software.

Before you can begin to understand WordPress, which is free to use and adapt, we need some background. Allow us to jump right in!

A website is a collection of files (in our case, HTML/CSS/Javascript and PHP are the most common types.) Think of these as .docx files on your computer.

Your website could be seen as a bunch of these files, which require some knowledge of code to create and manage.

This is where WordPress comes in. People like us build the code, and you use WordPress to customise and fill your site with text, images, videos and comments etc. in a way that is similar to the use of Microsoft word, without touching any of the code, ever!

WordPress, in effect, is a drag and drop, simple way for website/blog owners to take control of their website, and for us developers to reduce some of the repetition involved in creating those beautiful pages.

Allowing you to take charge means you can add to your digital skills, work on your website by yourself and perhaps importantly, you only pay us to set you up and with some help, you’ll be self sufficient in creating content for your website.

This is a rough explanation that may not do too much to help your understanding,  but have a google and see what you can learn about WordPress and why it’s so cool.

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