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Innovation? Here Are Some Common Myths and Ideas

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Innovation is hot right now and you hear the word everywhere. The problem is you either don’t see it or don’t notice it at all. The good news is, innovation is everywhere people are.

You see, people are the primary drivers of innovation. Every business has its people, but hardly enough businesses care to ask their people what they think. A topic for a different day.

Long story short, this mythical innovation thing is within reach. We have to start debunking some ideas that restrict our organizational and personal abilities to innovate. Here are 4 myths to get you started:

  • Tech = Innovation

A lot of the tech we have today was at one point an innovation, but tech is not innovation. Tech definitely helps in efforts to innovate, but it is not everything there is to innovation.

  • It takes crazy business geniuses e.g Team Bidii 😉 to innovate

Most people are able to create new things or remake existing ones to fit a given need. This simple ability is what innovation is about. Because we all have different uses for something as simple as a tea spoon, we can all lead innovation, we just have to actively participate, which is what business geniuses help you to do!

  • All companies encourage innovation

Just because we have “Free the Mind Fridays” at work doesn’t make us innovative. Just because the boss thinks about it doesn’t always make it so. How poetically true. Knowing about innovation is not the same as being innovative.

  • Innovation will pass

Tech came to even the play ground somewhat and to remove some of the barriers in business, which means the market is bombarded with a lot more potential solutions to any given problem. This in turn means that for businesses to stay infront they have to innovate faster, better, more. It’s not going to pass if it is critical to survival, so in those classic words “innovate or die!”

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