About Team Bidii Consulting

Doing the most to bring you affordable, human-centered solutions.

We are more than just a Business Consultancy

Two of our co-founders, Ben and Duncan met back at uni about 7 years ago and formed a fast friendship. In 2016, both friends met our third co-founder, Becky, while volunteering for Balloon Ventures in Eldoret, Kenya.

As life would have it, Becky and Duncan were team leaders on this program, and ended up coining the name “Team Bidii” for their little leadership unit.

Over the years, our mutual friendship has blossomed. We founded Team Bidii Consulting to help us do freedom work for ourselves, and to make a huge difference while doing it.

In 2020, Team Bidii has grown to include Nanzia, who handles all the branding and graphics work.

We all think that our work here at Team Bidii is a calling. A meeting of our personal ambitions to make some changes.

Meet The Crew

A passionate team with years of experience


Co-founder & Web Solutions Lead


Co-founder & Marketing Lead


Co-founder & Events Lead


Creative, Illustrator & Graphics Lead.