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Before you can make a beautiful website, you need a domain name and some hosting.
Get both right now for just Ksh. 3000!

Not Sure?

We provide a lot of the information that is important to have on our blog, or DM us if you need to just talk it over.

How we help

“Give a man a fish…”

We’ve all heard what follows. Teaching you to fish is our big agenda.

When we build solutions, we explain everything and make sure you understand and own them so you can keep them working.

Lastly, we go out of our way to actually be useful to you, we aren’t in it for a quick payday!

“… Your idea of writing on the door worked! It brought in more people. The banner is yet to go up and I am upbeat that things will roll. Asante….”

Mama Kui

Owner of Mama Kui’s Health Kitchen

How are we different?


While we are young, our current crew of four is a power house of world class experience.


Our philosophy is to do the most we can and to give as much as we can while also taking care of our own needs.

Core strength

We stick around to help you make sense of the diverse tools and solutions we offer. When you win, we win.

Meet The Crew

A passionate team with years of experience


Co-founder & Web Solutions Lead


Co-founder & Marketing Lead


Co-founder & Events Lead


Creative, Illustrator & Graphics Lead.

Human first support

We use WhatsApp sprinkled with the occasional email to set up, confirm and follow up everything.

Unlike the competition, we can guarantee a happy human on the other end to help you navigate this new territory!